A piece of thought

Be the best at what you do. Even if you’re starting out as the janitor, be the very best. Put in the extra work and time. Excellence gets you noticed.

Sometimes (or frequently?) I do my job while there’s no other people watching. My current jobdesc is a repetitive job that need a consintency to minimise variability in the product yielded. How do I make my job ‘more excellent’?

Keep your perspective. What seems like a major crisis at the time is only a blip on the radar when you take the long view.

‘Future sight’ skill is needed. Work smart 👊🏼

To be a good leader, be a good servant. Leadership is all about service—serving your enterprise, serving your people. Good service builds trust and trust builds relationships, loyalty and the desire to impress you.

Try to collect those pieces of experience. Both in and out of main job experience and exposure are needed

Develop your mental fortitude. Building grit will help get you through life one day at time and tackle problems as they come up.

I’m still quite facing the ‘not in good mood’ or ‘I am exhausted’ execuses in my life. Mental fortitude is being repaired by reading a book and real interaction with people+problem.

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