The 7th & 8th CBT’s Bio Angklung First Performance

The 2nd generation of Bio Angklung, we’re from 7th and 8th CBT* trainee employee, have shown the first performance at 24th August 2013 in event ‘Former Bio Farma Employee Gathering’. We performed two songs, combining the old-nostalgic song by Rita Sugiarto titled ‘Pertemuan’ (rendezvous) and modern pop-dangdut ‘Sik-asik‘ by Ayu Tingting.

It’s a great and full of proudness first performance, though some missed tone encountred (I did it in Pertemuan song,hehe). More than one month we’ve spent for practice twice a week after working, and full practice in the last week. Our fingertip was blistered when shook the angklung vigorously, particularly who had the big-sized angklung (including me). Yeahhh but after giving the performance, I feel as if addicted in playing angklung. Hopefully in the next event, with the new songs, we’ll shake (by angklung) the stage once more 🙂

*CBT= Character Building Training

DSCN1022 DSCN1039 DSCN1037


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  1. Heru

    Yeah…. Not bad for a shonichi…. Otsukareeee!!!!


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