Huaah, new blog for new stories

Here is my brand-new wordpress blog after many year had a blog in multiply and blogspot.
Hopefully in this blog I could share my experiences and stories about my world.
I am still a beginner English user. So sorry if my English is not “suit” in your brain 🙂

Ok, I will share my experiences when visited the IELTS Preparation Seminar held by IDP Indonesia, INSEARCH English-UTS, Gramedia (this link),at Ritz-Carlton Jakarta.

It was very awesome seminar wit Mr.David Larbalestier (“Study English – IELTS Preparation Resource Book” author) as main speaker and Margot Politis (host of “Study English-IELTS Preaparation” program in Australia Network channel).

My trip from Bandung to Jakarta with promotional travel ticket(buy one get one! What a lucky us!) took 3 hours+1hour for traffic jam after arrived in Jakarta.

On that Friday, I took Friday prayer at Kadin Building(my first exp for pray in a parking place bulding!). After that, we went to our destination Ritz-Carlton hotel. What a exhausting walking from Kadin to Ritz. We took a wrong way for while then lost!, but we arrived at the hotel at the perfect time.

Then we trough a twice inspection to got in to the hotel(very strict!). What a tiring journey to get there..-_-.. Walking in the hot Jakarta at mid day.

Here are the photos with Mr. David and Margot(I am a big fans of her!)

with Margot 🙂

with Mr. David


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