Hisaishi Joe (久石譲) instrumental music!

It’s my new habit, listening to Hisaishi Joe (久石譲) instrumental music!
What a great melodies… Once you hear the melodies, you’ll be fused with the melody!(It happened to me ^o^). He is the best music conductor among other Japanese Orchestra, also every movie that the OST was conducted by him will become a great and worthed movie!
Here is one of his album,

WDO Best

01. World Dreams
02. American in Paris (George Gershwin)
03. Un Homme et une Femme (Francis Lai)
04. 13 Jours en France (Francis Lai)
05. Kaze no Sasayaki
06. Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (Michel Legrand)
07. The Pink Panther (Hendy Mancini)
08. China Town (Jerry Goldsmith)
09. Ironside (Quincy Jones)
10. White Island
11. Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (Michel Legrand)
12. Mission Impossible (Lalo Schifrin)
13. Ave Maria
Bonus track
14. Waltz II – Suite for Jazz Orchestra No 2 (Dmitri Shostakovitch)


and, my favourite movie:

Okuribito / Departures OST

Full Album / Soundtrack / 60MB / Rapidshare & Megaupload
For those who downloaded the movie Okuribito / Departures ( Japan 2008 ) ) here is
the full soundtrack album for this fine movie and also the english subtitles
for the movie are included

Original Soundtrack Album
( and english subtitles for movie included )
SubsOST.rar or SubsOST.rar


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  1. ooh , ave maria t part dri orkestra in to , hahabru tauu .tpi emng enakeun da .


  2. yg enak mah ave maria yg versi okuribito nya..enaak semuanya!!!!!!udh didonlot?


  3. blom didonlot ,kuota 2GB kykny ampir abis , udah dipake donlot banyak , bulan dpan kli yak 😀


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