ISO Certificates Start directed to high school

After the previous achieve ISO 9001-2000 certification by a number of CMS, the Office of Education, Bandung will begin direct service quality improvement of management to achieve ISO 9001-2000 certificate to the high school-high school in Bandung. Currently about five high schools in the city of Bandung are prepared to obtain a certificate in quality management of the school management.

“The demon that are now 12 high schools, 4, 3, 5, and SMA Krida archipelago. Hopefully March they can obtain this certificate,” said Kabid SMA / SMK Education Office Bandung Dedi Darmawan, on Monday (5 / 1 ).

According to Dedi, the socialization of the ISO 9001-2000 to all high schools have started Bandung delivered since December. It is expected that in addition to five high schools who is now preparing middle, high schools, high schools can also participate in other prepare to achieve this certificate. “In the city of Bandung which already has a certificate this new CMS. There is now 7 SMK that is certified ISO 9001-2000, in 2010 and is expected to come all the SMK are ISO certified,” he said.

According to Dedi, ISO certification provides many benefits to the school and affect the sustainability school. “With the school in ISO-certified, award all parties and institutions will be very high. Keterserapan school graduates who are certified will be high. At SMK 7, for example, three teachers in there, get free training to the Netherlands, because the certificate of ISO-owned schools, “he said.

Like CMS, ISO certificate in high school are also more to the quality management and quality management of the school. The ISO certificate is basically focused on the quality of school management. “So not seen from the infrastructure facilities or schools, but the management system of quality services to children and communities,” he said.



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