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erin-1Culture of Japan for a ‘cool’, young people who learn Japanese language in the world is increasing. One example is Japanese Animation and comics are extremely popular in the entire world has become one of the reasons young people motivated to learn Japanese.

In anticipating the development of these, the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute in Japan to create a new visual program entitled “Erin’s Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese “that consists of 25 lessons / episode (@ 20 minutes in duration) as a visual learning materials that accommodate the needs and interests of young people against the Japanese language and culture.
Learning materials will be disseminated to the world in the form of a DVD, Impressions on NHK Television, television outside Japan, and others.

Japanese studies programs and introduction of Japanese culture is the mini-drama that shows the artists who are rising in Japan leaves the character animation that shows the karakterk HONIGON as a teacher of Japanese language provides an explanation that is easy to understand and fun, and karaktek anime ErIn learning Japanese from Honigon, robot and the data given the name “N21-J”. With the artists who are rising in the mini drama leaves and mix with the animation, the Japanese language learners are expected to be able to enjoy the spectacle and the lessons that are in this program.

In mini-drama, the story centered on the Basic Skit daily life Erin (Ellie Toyota), an exchange of students and friends sekelasnya of Saki (Kana Kurashina) and Megumi (Meguru Ishii). Each skit is made to reach a destination in Japan (CAN-DO). Therefore, after each lesson skit, the things that can be done by Erin increased items.

In addition to showing Japanese language lessons, this program also displays a variety of ideas that it would be able to give the young people in various countries about the culture of Japan. In addition to the picture of Japan, this program also includes interviews with the introduction of Japanese language learners across the world and the people who use a foreign language in Japan to run its tasks. Taking pictures in more than 10 different countries are expected to be able to add the spirit of learners to study and plan for a new purpose in studying the Japanese language.

This program has been in international broadcasting NHK (NHK WORLD NHK WORLD & Premium), and cable TV Japan for Europe and North America. It also broadcast by local TV in some countries such as Finland, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Canada and the United States.
Erin Challenge Program will be displayed by the National Press TVRI every Wednesday, starting at 21:30 WIB mid-January 2009.



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  1. Wah.. bagus juga tu ada acara kayak gini…thx buat infonya.. hohohoho


  2. @fadila d ruffi:ya, betul sekali….


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