Japan Capsule Hotel

One of the things that we can only be met in the Japanese capsule hotel is mushrooming (capsule hotel) is a hotel with rooms that according to no less humane.

Just imagine, hotel rooms are usually only 2 (long) x 1 (widht) x 1 (height) m, which is only enough for one person to sleep and hope you can not stand because of the high own only 1 meter.

The small size enables the hotel to have many “rooms” with the concert until 2 “room” that is above and below.

In the room, you can only sleep only while the bath and other places have been provided public bath. Also, if your baggage is enough, already provided locker, which is also used to store shoes and other.

Reasons for using a capsule hotel is because most of their home late at night and there were no trains operating on the hour. And the capsule hotel itself has a fairly low rate compared with a love hotel and the hotel is around U.S. $ 30 – 40 for one night.

But along with the time, capsule hotels also be an option for the tourists with a “bag-thin”.

The differences compared with other hotels is the check-in time that they usually start at 5 pm from the time to check-out itself is almost the same hour 10 am.

What is comfortable to live in the capsule hotel? Of course not, but for some people, at least, capsule hotels provide a cheap alternative to those who missed the train. Yeah, they just need a place to sleep alone.

Walapun small and not a little human capsule hotel facilities but not with other hotels, on TV, internert access (either via cable or Wireless LAN), radio, clock and reading lamp.

Okay, we will not talk much, you may be more interested to see the photos and imagine how it seems when you sleep there. 🙂

Seen from outside, the hotel building itself capsule is not much different with the other hotel building.

Source: X-ray Vision Camera Lens: be careful girls!!!


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